School-Age Professional Credential Preparation

The Pennsylvania School-Age Professional Credential (PSAC) preparation course is a collaborative effort with the Regional Keys, Edinboro University, and Northern Pennsylvania Regional College to have the credential accessible to all school-age providers. The PSAC is a competency-based program modeled after the Child Development Associate. It provides individuals working in school-age programs the opportunity to examine their work in relation to the Pennsylvania School-Age Care Competency Standards.

The program will cover the six competency goals and 13 functional areas, with the corresponding developmental context. The goals include: 1) establish and maintain a safe, healthy environment conducive to learning, 2) advance physical and intellectual competence, 3) support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance, 4) establish positive and productive relationships with families, 5) ensure a well-run purposeful program responsive to participant needs, and 6) maintain a commitment to professionalism. An understanding of the application process and assistance in completing additional components required to obtain the SAPC credential are covered in the course.

Tuition: $600.00
Class Length: 17 Weeks
Special Requirements
  • Must receive approval from ELRC Region 1
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Course Sections — Spring 2021

Chuck Lytle
Virtual Classroom
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Apr 10, 2021  to Jul 31, 2021
Registration for this class is closed.